Maroon and Write

Quality Enhancement Plan

Maroon and WriteMSU is engaged in a 5-year Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) called Maroon and Write as part of the institution’s regional accreditation. This plan seeks to improve the quality of student writing during their academic careers.


  • Improve students’ writing quality and increase writing frequency
  • Develop faculty who incorporate writing strategies in their classes

What Maroon and Write will do

Maroon and Write will encourage faculty to adopt some of the writing pedagogies not only to improve students’ writing skills, but also to increase the frequency with which they write. MSU has established two levels of intervention.

  • Level 1 are designated QEP courses, specifically designed to improve students’ writing abilities.
  • Level 2 courses bolster writing instruction through writing-to-learn strategies and informal writing activities.

Where to find more information

Learn more about how the plan will be implemented, assessed, and funded by reading the
Maroon and Write QEP Report.


  • Deborah Lee, Professor, MSU Libraries
  • Ann Spurlock, Director of Composition and Instructor, Department of English

Stay informed about events and announcements

Invitation to participate

Maroon and Write is currently accepting applications for faculty who would like to teach QEP courses in 2014-2015. Those interested must apply for a multi-week summer development workshop called the Maroon Institute for Writing Excellence (MIWE). Complete the 2014 MIWE application and submit to co-director Ann Spurlock.

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